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Airports - A Whole New World

The allure of airports around the world continues to grow with each passing day as we discover a whole new world of travel. A world where the destination we touchdown at is first showcased by the airport, a "virtual window to the destination" if not a "destination in itself".

I am not confining my observations to the more developed western countries or any particular continent. Most developing countries, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, house the best airports in the world today in terms of size, design and amenities.

Airports are now compared with one another just as we would hitherto compare destinations. Hopping flights and lengthy stopovers are no longer a huge nuisance, in fact, I quite look forward to my favorite airport stopovers.
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Shooting Aboard
General Shooting abroad can be a serious hassle if you don't prepare properly. But if you follow a few guidelines, traveling with a kit is far more likely to go smoothly. Prepare and be prepared. The tips below address the most frequent ...
Secret of flying smart:
When you fly on the commercial airlines of the United States, you are flying on the safest, most efficient form of transportation. When the rare accident does occur, more and more people survive due to advances in aircraft manufacturing and design ...
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Travel Tips: Tips For Safer Flying

Flying can be an adventure, but like everything else in life, there are small risks. Even though flying is the safest way to travel in this modern age, here are some tips to minimize any unfortunate, but unlikely event of an emergency situation.

  • Try to only fly nonstop routings

    Takeoff, climb, descent, and landing phases of flights have the most occurrences of accidents. To reduce these risks reduce the amount of exposure to these phases of flight by trying only to fly nonstop.

  • Choose a larger aircraft

    Aircraft under 30 passengers are not required to be designed and certified under strictest regulations. Also statistically, in a larger aircraft, you have a better chance of survival in an unlikely event of a serious accident.

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