Orlando Florida The New Nickelodeon Family Suites by HolidayInn Offers Family Fun Adventure A

Summer vacation just got sweeter for kids visiting the New Nickelodeon Family Suites at the Holiday Inn Resort in Florida with their families. Dreamy decorations and a dedicated spa specialist await young guests at their very own vacation spa service in Orlando. The Sugar & Spice Kids Spa is a deluxe space complete with massage chairs and treatments for girls and boys alike. A sweet treat for both the young and young-at-heart. The Sugar & Spice Kids Spa was a special treat for Atlanta, Ga., native Joan Cullity's daughter after a long day at the theme parks.

"Visiting the spa was the perfect pampering experience for both of us. The prices were reasonable, the staff was great, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience." Girls can relax at the Sugar & Spice Kids Spa and enjoy special treatments like a pretty pastel polish manicure and a sparkly topcoat with a Manigirl treatment. Elegant French and acrylic Manigirl treatments are also available. The Pedilady lets girls pamper their feet with soothing lotions, heated massage, pretty pastel polishes and flowery designs.

Fabulous and fresh avocado or oatmeal scrub coupled with a face massage, cucumber eye lift, cleanser and moisturizer are all part of the Fantasy Facial. The Tasha Touchup adds a finishing touch with a dab of lip gloss, brush of blush, splash of glitter and a dash of perfume, plus a special surprise. With a Glamour Photo girls can enjoy a fun photo shoot with gorgeous gowns, beautiful boas and haughty hats. Jamaican Braids are a treat for girls who want to add a little spice to their vacation. The Jamaican braids or elegant up-do comes complete with butterfly barrettes and ribbons, topped off with glistening glitter. The Maniguy Individual Spa Service for Boys includes fun manicures with temporary hand tattoos, finger massage, thumb wrestling and arm wrestling.

Adventure awaits young men with the special Pirate, Commando, and Celebrity services. Kids can let their imagination take to the high seas in an adventurous get-up including eye patch, red bandana, polished earring in one ear and an extraordinary temporary tattoo. The sky's the limit when it comes to fun at the New Nickelodeon Family Suites at the Holiday Inn Resort in Florida's Sugar & Spice Kids Spa. The spa specializes in birthday party packages for groups of six or more.

The Princess and Pirate Parties include special spa services by experienced state certified technicians, group photo sessions, party games, pizza and cake for the occasion. Party packages also include special treats for girls and boys. Girls at the Princess Party will be pampered in the spa, treated to a glamorous photo session, a beaded bracelet for each pampered princess, and a traditional tea party. The Pirate Party for boys includes a treasure chest of fun like leather armbands for all attending mates, who will also dress up for their group costume photo during their adventures.

Special discounts are available off each child for guests who reserve a suite for parties. The Nickelodeon Family Suites at the Holiday Inn Resort is recognized as the "next generation" of family travel. The unique family amenities like the world's first 2-Bedroom Kidsuites and special attention to guests of all ages make a visit to the resort an adventure for the whole family. Among the family oriented values and features are the 1-Bedroom Kitchen or Whirlpool Suites, and Kidsuites with the choice of 2 or 3 Bedroom suites. Two unique pool courtyards are available for guests to enjoy. A zero-depth entry pool with interactive water park features, a kiddy pool, playground and Putt-Putt highlights the East Track courtyard.

An Olympic-sized lap pool, two whirlpools and a complimentary fitness center await guests in the West Track courtyard or test your skills at the Junction, a 9-hole miniature golf course. Upon arrival have the children drop by the Kids-only check-in desk to find out more about exciting activities available. After a day of excitement at the theme parks they'll enjoy a relaxing visit to The Sugar & Spice Kids Spa or the 1,400-square-foot Locomotion game room.

Other bonuses we've enjoyed are The Kids Eat Free Program for children 12 and under. A Free all-you-can-eat hot breakfast buffet will be available daily for every guest through 2004. Free scheduled transportation to all four Walt Disney World Resort theme parks is available throughout your stay. Families can also enjoy Free nightly family entertainment. For more information about Holiday Inn Family Suites Resort call toll-free (877) 387-KIDS (5437) or (800) HOLIDAY, or visit the resort's Web site at www.hifamilysuites.

com. For an exciting sneak peak of the Nickelodeon Family Suites by Holiday Inn you can take a virtual tour at The Sugar & Spice Kids Spa's operating times vary by the seasons.

For more information or to make reservations guests can call the resort at 1-(877) 387-KIDS. Sugar & Spice Kids Spa originated in and is headquartered in Newark, Delaware. For more information about the Sugar & Spice Kids Spa visit www. For more reviews on other destinations in the Sunshine State of Florida visit http://www.


By: Melody Schubert


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Orlando Florida The New Nickelodeon Family Suites by HolidayInn Offers Family Fun Adventure A - Summer vacation just got sweeter for kids visiting the New Nickelodeon Family Suites at the Holiday Inn Resort in Florida with their families.

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