Why History Books Dont Compare To Going To Europe

A European Vacation is more than just a destination to travel. It's a history in the making. No matter what part of the world you live in, Europe as a whole or individually by country, you have been directly or indirectly affected by the culture of Europe.

Although modern, the European countries have been able to hold onto their histories and traditions.You can visit Germany and see some of the top attractions of this country. There is Southern Germany where you can visit some of the castles in Heidelberg, the romantic Stuttgart and Munich with its beautiful Bavaria.

If your times are available, plan to be here during Oktoberfest! To the north, you can visit in Hamburg and revisit history in Berlin.France offers so much and some travelers make Paris their destination with little to no plans to visit outside of the city. Although many consider Paris the most romantic city in the world, France has so much more to offer. In Paris alone, a traveler can choose to visit some of the finest arts that museums around the world have to offer.

Outside of Paris, you have the Mediterranean cities to the south and the seashores to the north and west and the Alps bordering Switzerland and the Pyrenees bordering Spain. The countryside is diverse with farming and woodland that gives France a sense of openness. France can be considered a collection of these different regions with their own uniqueness and distinctions, which would include their own food and appearances.Another very popular country to visit is Spain.

This is a very interesting country that is known for it's Mediterranean beaches. Once a visitor of Spain, the desire to go back will always be there. You can't escape it so you might as well dive in. Two of the top destinations in Spain are Barcelona and Madrid.

Barcelona has always had a strong sense of identity even under a demanding political system. The city hosted the 1992 Olympics and under went a facelift. They were forced into modernization but were able to maintain their character.

Madrid being the capital of Spain received a lot of attention for this fact alone. Although Madrid is a very modernistic city, the core of the city has maintained its architecture and flavor of the country. Madrid became the capital of Spain centuries ago to centralize the country. This it accomplished as it also centralized the cultural attributes of Spain as well.

The last country we are going to visit today is England. The British use to say, "the sun never sets on British soil". This was truly spoken and that is evident of the influence the England had throughout the world. Some of the countries that England controlled have changed dramatically but a visit to England is something that a lot of people have on their agendas. England has so much to offer from the metropolitan London, Birmingham, Manchester and such to the countryside villages that haven't changed much in hundreds of years. The fine dining, the arts and museums adding the nightlife and majesty of this country make England a place to visit.

There is so much more to Europe than can be represented here in just these few words. Germany, France, Spain and England are just a taste of visiting and enjoying the history of Europe. This is just four countries in Europe that have had powerful influences in the world in the last couple of centuries. This is just a beginning to spark your interest in a European Vacation that is: Why History Books Don't Compare To Going To Europe.

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