Travel Scams Dont Go To Walt Disney World Without Reading This

Scams are everywhere, especially on the Internet and the travel industry is no exception.Whilst researching deals for my site, I came across a few dubious offers. Please know, right now, that anyone offering you free tickets to Disney World, or anywhere in the Orlando area, expects something in return.Many timeshare companies use this ploy, but in return, you usually have to do a tour of their property.

This is at the very least time consuming. Such presentations can take up a good few hours of your holiday time, and time is money in Disney World.It is not just Disney World and the Orlando area that suffer from scammers.

Travel scams occur throughout the travel industry.If you do wind up being forced into a timeshare presentation, which you had no desire to participate in, insist on walking away, especially if the offer does not allow you time to go away and consider the deal. Away from the holiday atmosphere, when you are in the midst of all the fun, these type of deals often sound more attractive than they would normally.This is not to say that all timeshares should be avoided.

There's some reputable ones such as the Disney Vacation Club in Disney World, and the Marriott ones. However, even they are only good if you actually want to buy a timeshare.Don't respond to emails or phone calls informing you that you have won a free holiday, or free Disney tickets.

There is no such thing as a free holiday.Never pay for a trip until you receive full details in writing. Many so called cheap deals have restrictions, which can make it impossible to travel at certain times of year, if at all. A travel company making a genuine offer will be happy to furnish you with all details in writing first.Be aware that anyone can set up a sophisticated looking website, but what do you really know about that company. Are they bonded? Do they have a travel agent's licence? Google their name; and also the names of any companies on their site who they appear to be associated with.

If you find a deal but you are really unsure about it, book through a large reputable company. For holidays at Disney World, book them direct through Disney's own travel reservationists.If you are unfortunate enough to have fallen for a scam already, contact the Better Business Bureau for help. Their website can be found at: http://lookup.

.Catherine Noble is a professional Disney World Trip planner. After planning several trips for her own family, she became an expert at getting the best deals. So she decided to set up her own planning site http://www., to share her knowledge with others. She also runs a popular Disney blog at http://www.

By: Catherine Noble


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