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How can I avoid losses on my trip?

  • Don’t pack valuable, perishable, and fragile or items sensitive to the heat and cold in your checked baggage. Try to avoid these items altogether, but if you must take them, they will be safer in your carry-on bag.

  • Never leave your luggage unattended or take your eyes off your bags.

  • Learn your destination's airport code and make sure the correct one gets put on your bag.

  • Avoid taking luggage with flashy brand names, as it will make them more attractive to thieves.

  • Avoid carrying your laptop in a bag that lets everyone know you are carrying expensive electronics.

  • Use the locks on your luggage.

  • Clearly label your luggage on both the inside and outside of your bags.

  • Remove any items that are hanging off your luggage and could get caught on conveyor belts.

  • Place a trip itinerary in your luggage so your bags can easily be returned to you.

  • Place a unique bright marking on your luggage so you can easily identify it. This way others will recognize that their similar looking bag did not have the markings and leave yours alone.

  • Switch some of your items with those of a traveling companion. That way if your bags go missing, you’ll still have some items with you.

  • Cover your hands when you are entering ATM or phone card numbers so others can’t copy them down and use them.

  • If an airline loses your items make a claim before you leave the airport; some Airlines will not honor claims made after you have left the airport.

  • Carry a list of all your items in your carry-on and leave one at home, to help you make a complete claim form if your items go missing. Carry a copy of the final list in your carry-on bags, you’ll be able to use it to fill out claim forms with the airline if they lose your luggage.

  • Consider purchasing trip insurance that offers protection for your property.

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