Tips On How To Avoid Lost or Delayed Luggage

Luggage loss can be due to theft, misrouting or the unscheduled changing of planes. There are things that you can do to prevent your luggage from being lost or being delayed in arrival. Below are some suggestions of some of the measures you can take to protect your belongings. Using colorful straps on the outside of your luggage will prevent it from popping open. They will also help to quickly identify your luggage in the claim area.

Thieves will refrain from taking unique or colorful luggage because people would more readily notice them leaving with it. In order to possibly prevent the misrouting of your luggage be sure any old flight information tags or information is removed from your luggage. Many times, if they are not removed it can cause your luggage to go to the previous destination.

Along the same idea, keep your contact information current. Putting your contact information on the inside as well as the outside is another preventative measure. On the off chance that your bags pop open your contact information is readily available. It is a good idea also to place your itinerary inside your luggage as well.

If opened and delayed, this could help speed the process of getting your luggage to you. Other methods of preventing the delay or loss of your luggage is the immediate claiming of your luggage after arriving at your destination. If lost you need to be able to describe your luggage exactly, it could help if you have a picture of the bag and of its contents.

If traveling with another person consider swapping one outfit so that if your luggage is misplaced you both have something to fall back on. Loss or delays can't always be prevented but you can lessen the chances of it happening to you. .

By: Jerry Smith


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