Las Vegas The Americas Playground

Las Vegas widely famous as 'the America's Playground' is a city of southeast Nevada near the California and Arizona borders. Las Vegas, the largest city in Nevada, is one of the fastest-growing urban areas in the United States.Las Vegas also known as the 'Entertainment Capital of the World' is a major tourist center known for its casinos.

The city is world famous for its nightclubs, casinos, boxing championship matches, entertainment enterprises, music, sports, gambling, and amusement centers. The Stratosphere Tower is the country's tallest observation tower. The city is known for gaming equipment manufacturing and as a commercial hub of a ranching and mining area.Las Vegas has earned many nicknames such as the "City of lights", "Glitter Gulch", "Sin City" and "Lost Wages". The city is also famous for its nightlife.

The Las Vegas hotel industry, gambling, entertainment, theme parks, resorts, and tourist-oriented industries are the major corner stones of its economy. The las vegas hotel industry fetches the major part of the revenue of the city. Its las vegas hotels are famous in the world.

The campus of the University of Nevada, Nellis Air Force Base, Hoover Dam, and Museums including ones devoted to natural history, old neon signs from the strip, the entertainer Liberace, atomic testing etc, are the other attractions of the city.If you are looking forward for las vegas vacation, can help you find las vegas hotels. The website is a perfect guide on las vegas hotels, offering tons of info on las vegas hotel reservation and numerous tips to take discount vegas hotel, las vegas cheap hotel, etc.

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By: Sardool Sikandar


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