Eclectic Chapel Hill North Carolina

Chapel Hill, North Carolina is located in the Triangle Region of North Carolina. It is called the triangle because the three main cities of Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill make up the principle locales of the region. Naturally, when you draw a line from city to city a triangle shape emerges.Home to the University of North Carolina, this Tarheel town is charming. Walk the streets and you will see that pedestrians and cyclists have the right of way while the shops reflect the character and wealth of the community.

Indeed, per capita income in Chapel Hill is the highest in the state fueled by the highly regarded state university and local businesses particularly those based in the Research Triangle Park.The university itself is rated at or near the top when it comes to public universities. With sixteen libraries on campus, you can 'do research' for over two weeks and still not see the entire campus. Founded in the late 1700s UNC at Chapel Hill resembles an Ivy League school in looks as well as reputation. Tour the grounds and you will see carefully maintained buildings dating back hundreds of years as well as modern structures for student housing and sports facilities.

Indeed, the UNC Men's basketball team is the most recent national champion which gives Chapel Hill an especially warm spotlight from national media.When walking the streets of Chapel Hill, you will note a nice mix of business establishments including taverns, bars, the ubiquitous coffee shop, memorabilia shops, galleries, etc. There is plenty of parking right in the center of town, so you need not walk far to take in all that this thriving university town has to offer.

.Matt is a New Jersey native having relocated to the Tarheel State in 2004. He lives in the Triangle area of the state and runs his own web design and marketing business.

His chief sites are the Corporate Flight Attendant Community, and the Aviation Employment Board,

By: Matthew Keegan


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