Charming Nice

Nice is the biggest city of the French Azure Coast with its population of about 340 thousands. Nice airport is on of the largest in the whole France. Few words about Nice history ? the city was founded in V century BC and was named after the goddess of victory ? Nika. In XIX century nice became a very popular resort for the European elite. In this period the most impressive architectural masterpieces were built ? palaces, luxury villas and boulevards.

Nice was especially fashionable for the winter rest, when in all other Europe it was very cold.Nowadays a lot of this chic atmosphere has saved, and Nice is still one of the best French resorts.Modern Nice looks like some financial and commercial center, and to spend holidays there costs a little cheaper than in neighboring resorts of Azure Coast.

Due to airport and direct train Paris-Nice, the city is the first resort, visitors see on Azure Coast.The most famous attraction in Nice is Promenade des Anglais with its legendary Negresco hotel. Promenade des Anglais is a wide boulevard 6 kilometers long.

It's planted with palms and flowers and is the most popular place for walks. On the East Promenade des Anglais turns into the quai des Etats-Unis with the best Nice restaurants. Don't miss the chance to taste the special dish ? fish soup.Nice strikes with the cozy narrow streets of the old city, greenery of the parks, fountains on the squares and the art treasures of Nice museums. Nice is impossible to imagine without flowers, fruits and vegetables market Cours Saleya working in the morning. The market is surrounded by the restaurants and cafes.

The ancient cemetery, the largest in France the forth largest in Europe attracts a lot of visitors due to its magnificent monuments.Among other places to see in Nice are Opera, built in 1885, Saint-Reparate church of XVII century, Cesu church ? a perfect sample of neoclassical style, Justice Palace established in the end of the XIX century.Mediterranean resort, Nice is well known for its beaches. Mostly they are pebbly, warm and clean, but beginning with the Antibe cape they become sandy. It's common not to acquire a tan in Nice but to boast of the sun tan you've already had. It's a prestigious place to show off for the rich (and not very) people.

Nice has approximately 300 sunny days a year. The combination of the rich history, soft climate, diverse nature and highly developed infrastructure places Nice on the top of the list of the best resorts.

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By: Ann Corba


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